In other words:

“[Not having] Ben leaves a big hole in the band, let’s face it; he had the greatest voice and when Ric would be singing lead in a song, Ben really helped us sound better, besides his amazing lead vocals.” — Elliot Easton, Best Classic Bands, published April 12, 2018



7 thoughts on “In other words:

  1. With all due respect to the rest of the band, I can’t help but agree with Elliot. It’s like… a table missing a leg. It just can’t stand without that leg. I know that every member brought immense talent to the band. But without Ben, they’re just not the Cars. 😥

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  2. Besides his lead vocals of course, I think Ben was really important to their harmonies, plus he did back up Ric a lot live which gave his leads a fuller sound,

    I’m not sure but have a feeling in the studio he may have sung more than one part(I mean I’m sure they all did to some extent but Ben had a good range), having him around gave them almost a full harmony(which is tenor, baritone, counter tenor but that’s probably okay in this case:)) because he could sing the really low parts that you often don’t necessarily “hear” consciously but when they are there they give a solid foundation to the rest of the harmony, a fuller sound that’s missing without them.

    The Cars really wouldn’t be The Cars without any of them, each brought something unique to the sound and their overall presence. I mean can you imagine them without Greg? LOL Might as well call it a day! Or those amazing leads Elliot played just right? They wouldn’t even have looked like themselves without David and I think like Ben’s bass playing, his no-nonsense drumming is a real pivotal part to their sound.

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    1. MG, Ben Really could seeing all different ranges couldn’t hear he was just amazing as a vocalist. When I hear people saying I want to hear them SING none of that screaming b.s. I want to be completely encompassed by the vibe of the singers voice & the feelings behind it. I want to be given the chills and feel the passion. To be almost hypnotized by the voice! That all makes a great vocalist in my eyes. Ben certainly had that.

      How could he have felt that people would never remember him I’m sure he is (again) looking at all of us-his fans male & female-admiring his talent & of course the fangirling probably amuses him as well LOL! As I said previously, he was very modest but he knew deep down he was a good looking man and he knew he had talent because I read that he just knew he had something special. If you’ve got it flaunt it baby that’s what I say! Nothing wrong with being confident in who you are but being conceited & full of yourself is another thing. Ben wasn’t like that. He had that natural swagger & that cool factor about him & it was never about being conceited.

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  3. Agree with this assessment. It wouldn’t have been the same band without Ben. However, they all were very important of course because which one really brought their own distinct flavor to the table and defined their sound collectively…does that make sense? They were all equally talented in their own right as musicians. And also, as people they just didn’t follow the same line as other bands did with the drugs and all the groupie crap. Did they not all enjoy their fame of course they did who wouldn’t but it’s how you use it off stage. I believe that sets the tone for each individual. They were all actually genuinely nice guys especially Ben. 🥰

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