It reminds me of him.

Benjamin Orr, 1984

“He was smart and clever, and he was movie-star handsome, better looking with every year he grew older. Physically, he was still the marvelous changeling child dropped into a plain family. More than that, he had a glow about him, a wild, rakish charm that well-nigh hypnotized anyone who came close. He was kind and considerate and infinitely amusing and attractive. Everyone wanted to be his friend.”

–Ann Rule, The End of the Dream



16 thoughts on “It reminds me of him.

  1. Julie’s comments are exactly like I could relate to.Benjamin was all of this.Julie was a great lady in his life,& has been very sweet to me in texts .A very nice lady.I am glad she was with him during all of this.A special lady for sure.He looked peaceful.

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  2. That description does make think of him, it’s as if someone was describing him for an article on his life or something. (Isn’t this a true crime book? I hope it’s not describing one of the criminals LOL)

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  3. This is off topic from the quote but I just read something and I know it’ll be affecting a lot of fandoms, don’t know about Ben or the Cars fandoms, but I just found out Yahoo will essentially freeze Yahoo Groups by 10/28 and by the middle of December will delete all files, calenders, photos etc associated with the groups. Figured that might be something some people might want to know but I don’t know where “Cars fans” hang out really and thought you might want to pass that along if you know anyone who had any Cars related Yahoo groups, even ones that may be inactive now, and might want to save their files. Apparently Dreamwidth and some other places have some methods that can help people upload info from the old groups but I don’t really know what it’s all about. I do believe the group data can still be downloaded from the Privacy Dashboard until December 14th.

    Geez I used to belong to about ten Yahoo groups. I kind of miss that, it was so much easier to have real, active in depth conversations in email lists and then later groups. Even Live Journal back in the day. Now it’s mostly all Tumblr, which is great for pictures, etc but really not great for communicating, IMO. And twitter is very limited. Or I guess Facebook but I’m not into their unkempt ecosystem or their overwhelming collecting of data so I refuse to join(though I do have an instagram, but I had it before they bought it and don’t have any personal info on it anyway)

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  4. Donna, I know the quote, but regardless of its background, it does describe the magnificent Benjamin beautifully, as do your other quotes. xx
    By the way have you read the Ira Kantor article (Vital Confessions) where he suggest Ben was a “Rock and Roll Baryshnikov”. Perfect. x

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