It reminds me of him.

This whole song makes me reflect on Ben’s later years, and brings to mind pieces of the mosaic like the band’s break up, his romantic relationships, his musical direction… and how he might have coped with all of that. I do believe that he was strongly loved during those hard years; I only hope he recognized it and took it to heart.


“Most were being good for goodness’ sake but you wouldn’t pantomime

You are more beautiful when you awake than most are in a lifetime

Through the haze that is my memory, well,

You stayed for drama though you’d paid for a comedy

I know I can be colorful, I know I can be gray

I know this loser’s living fortunate and I know you will love me either way”

— The Verve Pipe, “Colorful”

One thought on “It reminds me of him.

  1. Those lyrics really resonated with me. The 1990’s were a time when Ben had to change direction in his life and it must have been very difficult. Being revered and loved as a rock star is very different than being loved for just who you are… That
    “who” was Ben’s true self and the reason his friends loved him so much.

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