It reminds me of him.

273cf0b5359327e0feef28812a51d1a7“I was (and still am) aware of the good fortune that hard work has brought me. I don’t want to seem ungrateful. I also genuinely like people. I want to get to know them in a real way. I am bummed out at the concept that someone just wants a scribble from you, when it’s clear they’ve never seen your work, they just know you’re ‘famous.’

“I began to feel a counterintuitive, melancholy loneliness and even low-grade anger at these moments. I didn’t like the way it made me feel when a passing car full of teenage girls screeched to a halt, emptying the crazed occupants, who bull-rushed me, pointing, screaming, and laughing. Years later, someone will call this phenomenon ‘objectification.’ Then, I didn’t really know that I was being treated like an object. I did, however, begin to treat some people the way they treated me.”

— Rob Lowe, Stories I Only Tell My Friends

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