In other words:

wedding with judith
Photo courtesy of Judith Orr; shared with permission.

“Was this for real? Here was this incredible man I loved saying the most romantic words. He bent down on one knee and pulled out a stunning diamond ring. He brought me to Weston to propose on my birthday… Who could say no to that?

“We were only engaged for a month and we had the most spectacular tropical island wedding in the Fern Grotto in Kauai, Hawaii. Ben planned it all himself while I was working. It couldn’t have been more perfect.” — Judith Orr, excerpt from Let’s Go! Benjamin Orr and The Cars by Joe Milliken

19 thoughts on “In other words:

  1. I enjoyed hearing the podcast with her. I wish all 3 wives and fiance would have provided more stories, etc. Not dirt or obvious personal things, but they really did not provide much
    And when so many icky rock stars have so many females, I very surprised that no one he dated has said anything. Keep some deliciousness for yourself and let us common women have some nice stories.

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    1. It has been amazing, how little gossip there is about him on that front. Just to clarify, he was married twice (Kristine and Judith), engaged to Diane and Julie, and had a child with Edita. There were other less prominent relationships, but those are the most commonly acknowledged ones. ❤

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  2. This is a lovely picture. Please see if she will do another podcast and maybe the others would too. I enjoy the podcasts, and your engaging personality. You are very witty and I think the Ben gf / wives women would have a good time sitting down with you and chat.

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    1. Wow, thank you for that compliment. I usually feel very awkward and stupid when we have guests on. I have asked her about doing a second one and she is definitely interested; it’s just a matter of timing. Hopefully we’ll be able to record again with her in 2020. ❤

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  3. You NEVER sound awkward or stupid. You are someone who just makes people feel good. Your podcasts are a bright spot in my day when I listen to them (which I have not had time to as of late). I love how you are real, giddy, excited, funny, and charming. And I am sure you blush often when thinking about the adorable Benjamin.

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  4. I tell you the older I get the more I realize that people who are considered attractive just do things differently. Emotional connections are far more important than any particular look. That is certainly not to say that anyone who was involved with Mr. Orr was anything less than beautiful. I may not be able to say it right but I feel that for a log time in my life I felt attractive and I of course had loves like anyone else, but it seldom was the most physically beautiful that I loved. It was always something small a look, their lips, or a way they held themselves.
    Please Forgive me for rambling, but I have always wanted to talk to someone about this and I picked Ben to emulate when I was a late teen. When I picked him none of my friends knew he sang on any Car’s song, but I swear I knew immediately, but wow was I naive and Ben Orr seemed like the most beautiful man I had ever seen. I wore red because he wore red, I wore cool shoes because Ben did, I pierced my Ear because of Ben, I was into fashion because every time I saw the Cars on TV, which really was not very often, he was dressed so cool, I swear I thought he was from Europe or something like that. Makes me smile when I think about it now.
    Thank you.

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    1. I think you picked someone good to emulate, Ben had a real sense of style. I sometimes wonder if he seemed a little foreign(other people have mentioned this, which is interesting because personality wise in many ways he seemed a very down to earth, all American boy type-if that boy is a successful rock musician:) is maybe because his parents were immigrants themselves and he was raised as an only child so they’d probably have had a lot of influence on how he held himself, how he behaved.

      I think that’s true that it’s less over all “looks” and more the little things.. Although on the other hand they(you know “them” right? LOL) do say in relationships, despite the occasional “beauty and the beast” scenario, the great majority of people end up with those who are on a similar level as they are in attractiveness. Beautiful people usually end up with beautiful people and so forth.

      I think Benjamin’s wives and significant others were really lovely, even beautiful(supporting perhaps the “like ends up with like most of the time” scenario above) but the thing that strikes me most is that they were all talented, intelligent, strong women in their own right.

      And yes Ben did wear cool shoes, he always had interesting taste in footwear. 🙂 It was kind of a Cars trait, I always end up spending a lot of time drawn to their feet if a photo or video shows them, though I tend to like Ben’s the best. Most of them seemed to have an affinity for heels(interestingly except Greg, who was the least tall). Even 6 ft 4 Ric could sometimes be seen in shoes with a decent heel. Although I have to say I think one of my favorite of Ben’s footwear were his Live Aid sneakers, those were some cool sneakers. Or maybe being on his feet just made them look cooler. 🙂

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      1. Thanks a lot @MG I was worried when I posted this that people would see it in a way I did not mean. I appreciate your well thought out answer and I feel better about this post and it is still a subject I find interesting.

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      2. I agree with you re Ben’s Live Aid sneakers, they were perfect, as was the rest of his outfit and of course him, the perfect man.

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    2. So true
      Emotional connections are far more important. I think with my heart and my heart always leads the way and emotional connections are important, perhaps that is the magic for me about Benjamin.

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