Quoting Benjamin

Door to Door just was in a separate area. It wasn’t what the entire band envisioned it to be. It wasn’t a group effort. It turned out that way, and I felt that was wrong. Door to Door was done at Electric Lady in New York. It was already written in stone when I got there. And that’s not a way to do an album.” —  from “The Cars: Shake It Up, Drive it Out,” by Steve Roeser, Goldmine, August 1, 1997



9 thoughts on “Quoting Benjamin

    1. Very telling about the attitudes and general feelings of the entire band at that time while recording. I feel there were a lot of stubborn personalities. Well there are a few songs on that album that I do like I agree with others that have said it wasn’t the same as their other albums. You could definitely tell that the sound was different and the quirkiness which was their signature was mostly phased out too. Having to record an album with strife in a band and uneasiness is not good. Imagine all the clashing of 5 separate unique people trying to put this out there amongst all the pressure. It spells disaster.

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  1. Double trouble is my favorite song. I just love the way Benjamin sings it. So sexy. GOD. 💕 I enjoy all his songs of course but I liked it when he would get aggressive & gruffer with his singing. Kind of down & dirty. Especially with all the black leather…..😍

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  2. So sad! Door To Door seems to lack that signature Cars heart & soul & uniqueness. I think it was a big mistake for Ric to produce the album. The Cars needed an independent, third party producer but maybe Ric didn’t care. Were they going through the motions to satisfy their recording contract? Still leaves me hanging & wondering. 💔😥

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    1. I personally think they were going through the motions because of the recording contract. I think the plan was record that last album and then break up the band. I believe it was very calculated. And while some of them saw the writing on the wall sadly, Ben did not. 💔 Crushed him.

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      1. If he was barely speaking to Ric, I can’t imagine that it didn’t cross his mind. Maybe because of the band’s monstrous success he didn’t think it would actually happen? The Cars were SO, sooooo much greater than the sum of their parts! They all needed each other musically. They were never the same individually. 💔

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    2. Thank you for sharing this dear Donna ❤
      Sadly the music industry has always been a very harsh environment, brutal at times to the gifted musicians and in the money making 80's in particular and the label wanted LOADS of records. I believe they knew that the band needed a break or a hiatus and yet they pushed for this album to be released in 1987 instead of giving them all more time. They wanted an album, even if it was not going to be as profitable I believe the label/ record management or "the suits" preferred to see profit that year rather than wait and get more profit later regardless of the short-sightedness of the actual cost to the band. I mean had they waited and let the band record an album when they were ready, we would have, no doubt, gotten a better album and the album would made more profit and I believe (just my thoughts) that the band would have perhaps continued ( not being under such pressure) so the suits cut their own throat and not to mention what they did to the fans and how this seemed to be the final straw and ended the band.

      My father worked in the music industry in a high end position and always said it was all so driven towards short term profit rather than looking after the talent and nurturing the musicians. I think Door To Door is a perfect example of this and I remember how angry I felt about this sort of decision.
      I did not love this album but now decades later I have songs I deeply love on Door To Door and also treasure the album because it is the last album with Benjamin with The Cars.
      But I do know it would have been a better album as a proper band album and I still have problems with the actual mix and production, you can hear the difference so clearly when you put on for example even their first album and then D2D . The richness and multi layers are gone, the depth is different (speaking just from the actual mix and production of the sound engineering of the album), it has a weird effect on the vocals a lot of times and this frustrates me still to this day. The sound could be so much better.
      But I do treasure the album as part of the collection now and love some of the songs so much (and yes, they are mainly the songs that Benjamin sang 😉 ) .
      When I listen to Go Away I am literally incapable of doing anything but just to LISTEN ❤ ❤ ❤ and dream.
      Double Trouble, wow jets indeed is all I can say and , I just realized the B Bomb went off again 😉

      Now I have to go and listen to a few songs of D2D before dealing with a stressful situation here in our life. Thank you, dear Donna, for taking me away from grief, sadness and stress by thinking about Benjamin and Door To Door.

      Love to you all,
      Please stay safe,

      From the first of spring here in Tassie,
      Tia ❤

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  3. Hillcogal,
    That makes sense. They did have success individually but they didn’t enjoy the high level of success that they did as a band. You’re right they did need each other.

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  4. I think the biggest mistake made was not letting Ben sing more than Ric. Ben’s voice was so much better than Ric’s!!! Ric,I think had a control issue and he said he was fair about assigning who sang each song,but not true!!!!

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