Quoting Benjamin

With regard to his boat, the Blue Di, and writing songs on the water: “This is the best thing I’ve ever bought, bar none. It’s not too conspicuous. It’s big enough for one guy to operate and the chief pretty officer over here [referring to Diane]. She hates taking orders, but somebody’s gotta be captain of the boat… I enjoy my free time. I like doing this [boating]. I’d much rather do this, now that we’re writing…. We love the water. It’s really soothing. It seems to be good for us.” — excerpts from “The Rewards of Rock Stardom” by Jim Sullivan, The Boston Globe, November 1, 1986

ben with the blue di boat


4 thoughts on “Quoting Benjamin

  1. I assume he sold the boat after he moved to Vermont? If not, surely he renamed the boat after splitting with Diane! Oh, as always, so many unanswered questions.šŸ˜‰

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  2. Triple Sigh!!! First time I’ve seen him say that many words at one time in an interview. Except for that obscure one…I am not sure I saved it. The video is rough and not extremely clear…It is Ben giving an interview, looks like in a hotel room, during Door to Door…he is wearing the leather jacket he wore for that tour, and he talks about the bus he bought for the road trip… he even mentioned how much it cost.
    And, don’t even get me started about this photo…A super favorite out of my 100 favorites.

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