Lyrics: “Everything You Say”

Lyrics: “Everything You Say” by The Cars

They can’t stop you in the night

Twirling wildly in the light

But I know honey, it won’t take long

It feels like it’s one on one on one

There must have been a dream in you

A stick and fall and follow through

But I know honey, it won’t take long

Feels like it’s much too strong, too strong

And then you tell me that you can’t go on

And you think you’re losing sight

Don’t you worry, you can’t go wrong inside

Everything you say, oh it leaves me full of shine

Everything you say, well it crosses up my mind

Everything you say

Well and you could twist a little while

Lie there falling for a smile

But I know honey, you won’t give in

Feels like when you begin you’re in

But then you tell me that you can’t resist

When something happens that you like

You wanna know that you’ve been kissed goodnight

Everything you say (everything you say) just leaves me full of shine

Everything you say (everything you say) well it crosses up my mind

Everything you say

Well you know it’s not for real

But I know honey, for one long time

It feels like you’re endlessly entwined

But I know it’s what you did

You can’t be in a broken binge

Well take my heart, it’s only tin

Well, you got me goin’

Everything you say (everything you say), well it leaves me full of shine

Everything you say (everything you say), just crosses up my mind

Everything you say (everything you say) and everything you do

Everything you say (everything you say) makes me want to be with you

That’s everything you say (everything you say)

Studio version:

Live version (because it’s glorious, and sounds better to me than the original):


9 thoughts on “Lyrics: “Everything You Say”

  1. That is a great song….one of my favorites, if not my favorite. It really showcases Ben’s wonderful voice and Elliott’s supreme guitar playing. This is a wonderful live performance. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Okay so the first thing I have to say is I totally agree that the live version is light years better than the studio version, even though Ben sorta effs up the lyrics! 😉 Ha! Who cares??? lol!

    That said, I must admit that this song sort of makes me feel sad. It’s a great, upbeat tune, despite the lyrics, but it’s deeper than that. To clarify, I’ve listened to the studio version exactly once, and I probably should give it another chance, but it’s just too… contrived? Hard to explain. The live version, in contrast, I’ve listened to and watched literally hundreds of times, if not more. So it’s the images that remain with me. The images and the knowledge of what was going on behind the scenes. The discord, the discontent, unhappiness, all of it. There’s no fun back-and-forth between the guys. No ‘flirting’ between Ben and Elliot. No camaraderie. It’s like they’re doing this because they have to, not because they love doing it. And even though Ben gives us one of his most brilliant smiles, I can’t help but feel sad when I hear or watch this tune. It’s like… I dunno… Ben’s swan song with The Cars. It is, despite the melancholy I feel when I hear/see this tune, it’s in the top three for me. Great selection, SPJ.

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    1. Jive N Jingle–Everything you wrote about this performance is exactly how I feel when I watch it over and over. It’s heartbreaking. Most of us who knew what was to come felt the tension between the guys and it was painful to watch. But you can’t look away because Ben gave probably one of his best performances. I once commented on this performance on a Facebook page and was banned for using a “no-no” word in my comment, but it described perfectly what was happening behind the scenes. Ben’s smile brings me out of that feeling of dread and makes it all worth while. I just can’t get enough of Ben’s live performances. Thanks for the post, Donna!

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  3. I love this song, I can literally listen/watch video hundreds of times! What’s wrong with me?!! I have things to do, yet mesmerized by this video….Ben has a touch of Elvis in this don’t you think?

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  4. I agree with every comment, especially that the live performance is better – it is lightyears better! But then seeing Ben makes everything better!

    His performance is marvellous, and the band as usual is so tight – it’s brilliant, but yes, devastating as well.

    Donna, thank you once again. xx

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