In other words:

“So, first day, I remember Ben coming to my house. Somebody picked him up at the airport, and I opened the door and there’s Benjamin Orr in all his glory and his … whatever… and I said, ‘God,’ I said, ‘you’re Ben Orr!’ and he goes, ‘So I’ve been told, pardner.’ He was a character (laughing).” — Jeff Carlisi, guitarist for 38 Special and Ben’s Big People bandmate; interview with Craig Garber and Everyone Loves Guitar, November 26, 2020 (at about 8:44)


3 thoughts on “In other words:

  1. So great to imagining opening the front door and seeing Benjamin standing right in front of you. Notice how Jeff, although his used “all his glory”, had no words for the rest of him.
    Ben certainly had a ‘presence’! He was an energy force. Men loved him as much as women. He seemed to have the same effect on everyone.
    (Although I guess another true Alpha male might see him as a threat immediately, and not take to kindly to that fact. wink wink)

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  2. What a huge debt we all owe to Jeff, he has been so generous with his recollections, giving us another insight into ‘our’ brilliant, beautiful and oh so brave Ben. And yes Silver Sunday, opening the door to Benjamin Orr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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