It reminds me of him.

sting“…I wanted to play the bass and sing. There’s a special breed of people who can do something that is contra-punk. In other words, you can sing a song and strum a guitar along; it’s kind of easy. Whereas if you play the bass it’s a bit like, um, patting your head and making circles on your tummy. You’re doing something that involves two sides of your brain and not many people develop that skill, and it’s something that I was very proud of… I’ve always enjoyed having that particular skill set… I want to be the bass player who sings.”

— Sting, Upon Reflection


3 thoughts on “It reminds me of him.

  1. I’ve always found it easier to play chords on a guitar and sing, rather than play bass and sing. Sting is right. It’s not easy to be able to do this. However, singing and playing the bass, for some people, is like learning how to breathe. It just comes so naturally. Like Ben.

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  2. Hi Donna, Sting has just been doing concerts in Australia, and this comment of his has been
    re-quoted, and, as you, I immediately thought of Benjamin. But really, we already knew he was brilliant!

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