Valentine’s Day treat: 80 minutes of ORR

Hey friends, happy Valentine’s Day! Sweeter than chocolate, prettier than flowers… I’m giving you a yummy handful of holiday hearts in the form of a new video!

I’ve uploaded Ben’s performance at the Eureka Festival in Tarentum, Pennsylvania, on July 11, 1998. I’m still digging up background information on the show, but you don’t need my scribblings to be able to enjoy this rare footage. Have at it! ❤

P.S. I’ve also separated out and uploaded the backstage bits so those who are freaky-obsessed like me can more easily watch and re-watch it and analyze every.single.bit of it. Dig in!


8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day treat: 80 minutes of ORR

  1. I smiled from ear to ear listening to every word and watching every move. Stay the Night was my favorite!! I have moved a few times and need to locate my The Lace CD 🙂 Thanks Donna!

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    1. I bought Stay the Night on Amazon for about $12.00 a few months ago. If you can’t find your CD, you can try Amazon. I just love all his solo work, sigh

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      1. Once I saw the cover of that CD, my eyes popped out of my head and I practically screamed, “Who the HELL is that hot guy whose song I love ( I had never seen him before). Blondes are not my thing, but I made an exception when it came to Benjamin.

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  2. Dear Donna, thank you very much for your sweetest valentine’s gift❣️
    Ben, at his 50s, litte older, little heavier (lol),
    but beatiful voice as same as in his 30s & 40s.
    Hope he didn’t eat too much chocolates in heaven.
    Always appreciate from far east Japan.

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  3. Thank you so much for this Donna. I have only seen bits and pieces of this performance. I always wondered if the entire show was in cyber space. Well, lo and behold, you got it!!!! He is just adorable. He is always ready to please his audience. I just love him in every way. Thank you so much for this historic jewel. XO

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  4. Hi Donna, if you close your eyes and just listen to his voice, it has not changed. What a beautiful smooth baritone he had. What a shame he died. One wonders what else he would have come up with.

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    1. So, so true! The last year of his life is unbelievably tragic: he finally gets his life together, falls in love with Julie, joins up with the high-caliber musicians of Big People and is ready to start working on original music with them, and then is diagnosed and passes away within 6 months. I’ve been spending a lot of time researching that decade of his life and it can really get to me if I let it. ❤

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