Episode 17: The Cars “Official” Everything


In this episode, Dave and Donna take a closer look at the “official” presence of the band on the internet:  what the Cars’ management is — and isn’t — doing across social media, and how it affects the Fanorama.

It particularly affected Mr. Steel Wool, who had to be “edited down” from the ledge after a rant about the Big Salad and BS posers who masquerade as being “connected” with the band. Donna’s sunshine and rainbows — and producer skills — were called into action to clean up the aftermath. Haha!

A few items of business:

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Episode 16.2: Backseat Rumble

In this episode, Dave and I discuss the individual contributions of Greg Hawkes, David Robinson, and Elliot Easton, to creating the unique sound and success of The Cars. We touch on a little bit of their solo work as well, but we’re saving the lion’s share of that for future episodes to give each their proper attention. The venerable Roy Thomas Baker gets some love, too, as the vital sixth member of the band.


Oh… and… Sixteen point two??? Yes, I’m afraid so, people. Our inaugural attempt to do a live stream on youtube was painfully inadequate, and technical difficulties cut the recording short (dang it!). After some consultation with our amazing, invisible, brilliant producer, Nick, we decided to go ahead and try the episode again with a straight-up Skype call, and the results were much better!

Some bonus elements of this episode include: an introduction to the show by our adorable voice talent, Miss Lizzie; a special message about the pod from Benjamin Orr; and Donna fumbling her way through her first time handling the audio clips. Not only that, but Paulina shows up in a dream, Dave gets his hand smacked at least three times (those last two events are not related), and we’re all transported back to 7th grade when ‘Curry’ messages Donna during her EE monologue and sends her into a fit.

We also get a taste of the holiday spirit by warbling a couple of our favorite Christmas song choices — in spite of Dave’s ‘humbug’ attitude. Haha!

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In the meantime, have a wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving, and we’ll see you again on December 1!



Episode 15: Ocasek and Orr

Graphic by @night_spots

Ric Ocasek and Benjamin Orr… their names will forever be entwined in the annals of music history. These two very talented men pooled their considerable gifts and created one of the first ‘new wave’ rock bands to hit the airwaves… and the industry has never been the same.

Some fans get pretty serious about trying to determine which of these two artists deserved more ‘credit’ for the success of the band, dividing themselves into “Team Ric” and “Team Ben.” In this episode, Dave and I take a (fairly tame) look at what each man brought to the table, from before The Cars and beyond.

Also in this episode, Donna’s various confessions move Dave to tears, we get a tweet from Donald Trump, and listeners are treated to Dave doing a ‘river dance’ in his clogs as he returns from the bathroom. Oh yeah, and don’t miss Donna’s first attempts at 1. playing a sound clip and 2. public humming.

Listen here:


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Episode 14: The RRHOF

There tends to be a lot of high emotion and misunderstanding surrounding the fan vote for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but is it really THAT big of a deal? In this episode, Dave and I attempt to keep things real by discussing how the voting process works, how the band has fared in the past and The Cars’ likelihood of being inducted on their third nomination, and how the members themselves seem to feel about the whole shebang.

In the meantime, the fan vote is open until December 5th. Click here to go to the RRHOF website and cast your vote for our boys!

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Here’s the blogtalk link for Episode 14:


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Episode 13: The New Cars

thenewcars13“Friday the 13th” tends to be a frightening day in the annals of superstition, so Dave and I face it head-on by addressing what may well be the scariest element of The Cars’ history: The New Cars. Haha!

Tune in as we discuss the pros and cons of the venture, how the band members felt about it, and our impressions of the music that came from it. And what might have happened if Doug Powell had been chosen to lead the band instead of Todd Rundgren?

We also talk with a record number of callers (4!), including a surprise visit from closet Cars fan, Kermit the Frog!

Couple of announcements:

  1. Be sure to tune in for our special episode about the Cars’ nomination for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, to be recorded live on Sunday, October 15, 3pm PST, 5pm CST, and 6pm EST.
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Unfortunately, the audio quality of this episode succumbs to the curse of the night and slowly deteriorates toward the end of the recording. Damn you, blogtalkradio! Or… did Todd Rundgren hack the show? Well, hopefully you can get enough out of it to enjoy our discussion. We had a blast!



Episode 12: The Cars In Concert

Episode 12: The Cars In Concert


The Cars have been declared by some to be “the worst concert of the 80s,” but Dave and I disagree! Tune in to hear our discussion on what made The Cars a great live show. I’m also looking for anyone who can send me a convincing audio of Benjamin singing, “You need a hit, you need a slug”… because I am 100% convinced he says, “su-uck” in every recording of “Cruiser” I’ve heard — in spite of what it says in Lyrics and Prose. Haha!

Oh, and if you’re a male over the age of 50, Dave’s got a special PSA just for you (yeesh!).



Episode 11: What if…?

EP11Move Like This is a terrific album, no doubt about it. Unfortunately, it was recorded more than ten years after the death of Benjamin Orr. But what if he was still alive? Dave and I discuss the likelihood of Benjamin’s participation in the reunion, how the surviving members honored Benjamin’s memory, and we take a look at how the album may have turned out differently with his unique contributions. A couple of great call-ins and an email question about Benjamin’s unreleased tracks round out the show.

Click here to get to Episode 11: .

Just a heads up: our next episode is scheduled for Friday, September 29, 2017, when we’ll be talking about how The Cars came across in a live show. Were you lucky enough to see them play? Email your thoughts and experiences to us at nightthoughtspodcast@gmail.com and we’ll read them on the air!

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