Guest Posts!

I have been enjoying the 1978 France gig videos, as was Sweetpurplejune’s focus in the Viva La France! post from July 12. 2016. This GIF is my take on, perhaps, my favorite Cars song, containing the audio of my favorite riff from that song.


Do search out the audio portion that is embedded in this clip, by hovering your mouse cursor over the bottom (right) portion of the frame. It is so cool! I think it neatly highlights the band’s rapport and affection for one another, which is obvious in this clip with Ben and Elliot.

On a side note, I had mentioned to our friend, the proprietor of this wonderful site, that I wasn’t interested in any recognition for this piece and GIF. Conveniently forgetting, of course, that my name flashes big as a billboard at the end of the clip LOL!

Long Live The Cars!