DSCN2346.JPGThis blog is my personal world all about Benjamin Orr. I started it as my way of honoring, remembering, and non-commercially promoting him. I love to glean information from others, and I enjoy engaging in lively discussions, but I won’t tolerate disrespect, crude comments, or any Benj bashing.

I also completely accept the fact that I don’t know it all, and I am apt to make mistakes. If you have any wisdom, insights, or corrections for me please feel free to share!

Any and all media I post I have found on the internet or through reliable sources, and I use it with good faith that it is fair game and falls under the protection of Fair Use. If there is anything I shouldn’t be using please let me know.

As for lyrics, I usually transcribe the lyrics according to what I actually hear the singer say in the song, not necessarily by what is printed out there in the world. Sorry if this is annoying; I just like to sing along.

And who the heck am I?

I’m a freelance writer and a stay-at-home mom, originally from the Seattle, Washington, area. Growing up in the 80s, I spent hours on my bed listening to music and scribbling in my journal. It’s no surprise to me that thirty years later (gulp), I am still doing the same thing.

In those seasons between teenager and today, I earned a degree in finance and economics from Eastern Washington University and spent several years working my way up in the banking industry. When my husband and I decided to start a family, I dedicated my time and energy to raising and homeschooling our four crazy kiddos in the wilds of North Idaho.

As my older kids were graduating and becoming more independent, and my youngest was on the cuff of being a teenager himself, I found myself with time on my hands, and I allocated some of my energies into those hobbies that I loved so much: writing and music. As I became increasingly obsessed with Ben and The Cars, this blog became the perfect outlet for me.

I am also an avid reader, a long-distance runner, and an incurable research nerd.

I guess that’s about it. I hope you enjoy the blog! Oh, and be sure to check out my YouTube channel for unique uploads, interesting bits of Cars history, and plenty of Ben, Ben, Ben. ❤