It reminds me of him.

“La la la la la la… I can’t choke out my words

La la la la la la…. you’ve got a million other girls

La la la la la la…. and they’re screaming your name

But still nothing changes ’cause my love is plain and simple…”


— Jael Johnson, “Pretty Simple” ©2011


It reminds me of him.


“He kissed her on the nose and wiped a tear away with his great thumb. ‘We will make it a game. I will try to love you more, and you try to love me more. We will play until we die and see who wins.'”

— LeeAnn Bonds, Montana Rising


It reminds me of him.

Photo by Lynn Goldsmith

“‘We all know him to be a proud, unpleasant sort of man; but this would be nothing if you really liked him.’

‘I do, I do like him,’ she replied, with tears in her eyes, ‘I love him. Indeed he has no improper pride. He is perfectly amiable. You do not know what he really is; then pray do not pain me by speaking of him in such terms.'”

— Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice