In other words:

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Eron Otcasek and Benjamin Orr, circa 1980. Photo retrieved from Eron Otcasek’s Instagram page.

“When I was making this little documentary on The Cars called The Cars Unlocked in the late 90s, we were going through footage and Ben was singing ‘Drive’ live in like ’84 or something, and my dad just stopped, and he was like, ‘Wow, can he sing! Don’t cut away…’ There were some camera angles we had to work with and he was like, ‘Stay there. That guy can sing.’” Eron Otcasek, interview with Full Disclosure, August 15, 2022


8 thoughts on “In other words:

  1. I did not realize the Eron is the one who did the Cars Unlocked!

    Isn’t the photo we have seen a lot of is the one of them facing forward? I had no idea who the child was. Makes sense that he was one of Ric’s. This photo is new to me. It is so much better. Oh my goodness I love this so much!!

    The interviewer – such a great fan!!!
    Remember the radio interview with Ben where he said “we would rehearse in Ric’s Cell-A (in that same interview he also says Pay-pa (paper) regarding bands signing a paper but didn’t really understand what they were signing.
    Eron’s voice is very similar to Ric’s! And singing…like father – like son. The song that was played is very nice. Pretty.
    Thanks for a great pick me up today!!!

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  2. I meant to add, the story about the guitar being below par and the only way to make it sound good was to do the “Ric Strum”!!! I am really glad to learn about that. “Is that the sound of the Cars?” I have to say I really like the arrangements & melodies of Eron’s songs.

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  3. Thank you Donna, I too enjoyed this interview and also noted the host’s enthusiasm re Ben.
    Hopefully this project will be a big success for Eron.

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