It reminds me of him.


“He kissed her on the nose and wiped a tear away with his great thumb. ‘We will make it a game. I will try to love you more, and you try to love me more. We will play until we die and see who wins.'”

— LeeAnn Bonds, Montana Rising



Episode 29: Fanorama CARS Con

The excitement of Cleveland and Rock Hall Weekend still lingers … We’re all asking, “When can we do it again???” Time to take a good hard look at what it would entail to organize an ‘official’ Cars Fanorama get-together! Join Dave and Donna as they brainstorm the various logistics involved: location, funding, merchandise, special guests, and so much more.


We’d really love your feedback! What are YOUR ideas for the ultimate Fanorama Cars convention? Who do you think would come to represent the band? Where would you travel to attend? And entertainment events? Nothing is off limits — from cover bands and Q&A sessions with rock photographers, to interviewing band members’ neighbors, to re-enacting fan fights with a Ric lookalike… Lay it all on the table so we can tell the Woz about it when we call him for funding. (Just kidding — podcast joke! (but maybe?))

Be sure to listen to the Midnight Scroll, too; we’ve got a little photo challenge for you from our podcast friend ‘across the pond.’

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Lyrics: Too Hot To Stop

Too Hot To Stop by Benjamin Orr  (written by Benjamin Orr and Diane Grey Page ©1985)


It’s about time you told me what you wanted
It’s about time you showed me what goes where
There’s a lot on the line, oh, it’s back to where we started
It’s about time, and maybe I don’t care

It’s about time, counted back to zero
There’s a lot on the line, time to clean the air
Keep it in mind, oh, it all goes out the window
It’s about time, well, I can’t see it but I know it’s there

Remember it’s too hot to stop
Remember well, too hot to stop

It’s about time you gotta face up the factor
It’s about time ‘cause it’s been on my mind
There’s a lot on the line, if it’s left to any question
It’s about time, well, you can call it in anytime

Remember it’s too hot to stop
Remember too hot to stop

You make it so hard getting through to ya
It’s not the time for throw away
Just like it’s all something new to ya
You can hang on or run away

It’s about time you start to get the picture
It’s about time you gotta take a look around
Keep it in mind because you’re almost over limit
It’s about time and it’s all about to come down

It’s about time you gotta wake up, smell the coffee
It’s about time you gotta open up your eyes
There’s a lot on the line, so tired of hearing ‘sorry’
It’s about time, ‘cause a part of me likes surprise

Remember well, it’s too hot to stop
Remember too hot to stop

Well, you make it so hard getting through to ya
It’s not the time for throw away
Just like it’s all something new to ya
You can hang on or run away

It’s about time you told me what you wanted
It’s about time, it’s about time, yeah
Keep it in mind, oh, it’s back to where we started
It’s about time, it’s in your mind, about time

Remember it’s too hot to stop
Remember too hot to stop…

Quoting Benjamin

On filming his video for “Stay the Night”: “You just try to act out the part. You just try to make yourself miserable for a second or two, at least while the camera is on you. When the lights are on and the camera’s rolling, you just do what you hafta do… I just sit there and fake it, ’cause I’m just a happy guy.” — The Boston Herald, October 12, 1986


Episode 28: Rock Hall Recap, part 2


In this second installment of our two-part “Cleveland Rocks!” series Dave and Donna are joined by close friends of the show Jenny Durgin and Kurt Gaber. Together the four take a closer look at the particulars of the 33rd annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Unfortunately, Dave was unable to be in Cleveland (except in Pocket form), so Donna, Jenny and Kurt give him the rundown on the night, sharing their perspectives from both inside the Cleveland Public Hall and from the Rock Hall’s simulcast event. They touch on elements like:

  1. The Cars were badasses, from beginning to end!
  2. Bon Jovi… Howard Stern… really???
  3. Yes, Ben’s son was there.
  4. Brandon Flowers was PERFECT.
  5. Give it up for the Moodies!
  6. The tragedy that was Dire Straits (to everyone but Kurt).
  7. That long, looooong segment…..
  8. The emotional realities of gas mileage and the Cars-mobile.

The group also takes the time to recount their wonderful Fanorama encounters over the weekend and contemplate the future of The Cars. To wrap it up, Rico Kazzik shares his Rock Hall weekend experience during the Midnight Scroll.

Some apologies for Donna’s blunders: saying that the Panorama photos in the Cars’ slideshow were from Phil Kamin when she meant Paul McAlpine, and not remembering that the Moody Blues’ flute player, Ray Thomas, passed away this year and definitely deserved extra attention.

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In other words:

greginduction“And finally, I’d like to give my acknowledgement to Ben Orr. How fitting that we are in Cleveland tonight. Without Ben’s innate talent and rock star good looks, it’s unlikely we would be here tonight.” — Greg Hawkes, in his acceptance speech during The Cars’ induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, April 14, 2018

Episode 27: Rock Hall Recap Part 1


In this first of two parts of the “Cleveland Rocks!” series, Donna gushes about her trip to Benjamin’s hometown and all that she experienced there, including promoting the upcoming Benjamin Orr biography, hanging out with beloved friends from the Fanorama, and meeting THE David Robinson.


Stay tuned for part two coming the end of April, which will feature a roundtable discussion of the ceremony itself with dear friends of the show Jenny Durgin and Kurt Gaber, while Dave (who is remaining spoiler-free until the May 5th broadcast on HBO) listens in and makes smart-aleck comments.

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