Quoting Benjamin

“Well, most of the concerts haven’t been bad at all. We did open for Dickie Betts once and that didn’t work out. We were facing an audience that’d paid $9.50 to hear him and when we came on a few glasses and ice cubes were tossed our way. We didn’t need that. We just said ‘thank you’ and split.” — Toronto Star, September 13, 1978


8 thoughts on “Quoting Benjamin

  1. We did a gig one night at a well known local bar.A bunch of very young strippers came in w/ their mngr,& started changing to nothing on top,& dancing in front of stage.Guys pulled their chairs up ,& the gals were telling us what to play.We just kept playing reg.list,& our manager said keep playing,but no one was throwing tips at girls so they got heated & one guy yelled,”I want the tambourine player”& that was me,so those ladies stormed off the floor,& all the guys were laughing at them.They grabbed their clothes & left mad.Those girls looked 13-16 yrs old.Sad,but I had a great night!

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