Quoting Benjamin

On his bass rig: “I’m a big fan of Fender Precision basses. It’s got the brightness I need and the active electronics. I’ve used the Steinberger, but it’s a bit brassy for me. I don’t really pay attention to strings. My bass roadie does all that.” — from “Benjamin Orr: The Cars’ Mr. Casual Steps Out” by Rob Tannenbaum, Musician Magazine, March 1987



8 thoughts on “Quoting Benjamin

  1. I’ve wondered what brand/type/gauge strings he used. Guess we’ll never know. I knew he had two P-basses that I’m aware of, anyway, (the black Midnight, and the Arctic [Olympic?] White that’s on display at the Hall of Fame), so that was pretty obvious. That he also liked other long-scale basses (the Musicman Stingray) but also short-scale (the Vox Constellation IV) is curious. Bits of information that, to some, seem inconsequential, but are interesting to me! Thank you for sharing this little nugget!

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      1. Well thanks for that link! I sort of fell down the rabbit hole with that one! He had a lot of very cool gear, a lot of vintage stuff even back in the day. That Vox is a real heartbreaker. What a beautiful axe. I did see in one of the comments that he preferred Fender strings (when he wasn’t leaving it up to his roadie!) so I guess he didn’t have a rigid preference for a particular type of string–such as round or flat, for example. I just took delivery of a very similar Fender Midnight (like Ben’s black Precision) with very few differences. I’ve named it Cleveland, and will be taking lessons as soon as I can find someone local who is dependable and particularly patient! 😉

        On a sort of a related side note, I have to state here just how much I love Ebet Roberts’ photos of Ben. She always caught the best of him, it seemed, whether he was expecting to have his photo taken or not. His photogenic-ness (is that a word?) aside. He always seemed so… Wow, so what’s the word I’m looking for… relaxed. …Happy. …Calm. …Beautiful.

        Perfect. That’s it. That’s the word. PERFECT.

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      2. Oh shoot. Are you on Facebook? It’s in the photos section of the group, Benjamin Orr Remembered. The album is called, “Moving In Stereo: An Instrumental Retrospective of Benjamin Orr.” I hope you can find it!


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