Quoting Benjamin

“Actually, the reason it took me so long to do a solo project is that nobody asked me to do one before. But when Elektra Records asked me if I wanted to do an album, I said yes. And then I kind of went crazy because I had never tried to write songs before.” — Chicago Tribune, December 30, 1986


2 thoughts on “Quoting Benjamin

  1. I LOVE Ben Orr and I think he was an amazing talent but that album, The Lace, was awful and the videos…I’m embarrassed for him. I’ll choose to put the bulk of the blame on that gal he was dating;)

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    1. Well, I have to agree with you about the video for 2H2S… in fact, I wrote an article about it! But the album grew on me after a few listens… kind of one-song-at-a-time, and I love it now. Hope you’ll give it another chance. 🙂

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