Live At The Agora, 1978

Earlier in 2017, Record Store Day induced nearly 5,000 Cars fans to swarm their local vinyl shop in search of one of the limited editions of a new offering from Rhino Records: the officially released recording of The Cars Live At The Agora, 1978. I had the privilege of writing a review of the album for Standing Room Only, a website dedicated to promoting music, art, and specialty foods in the northern New England area. Click below to read my thoughts, and don’t forget to follow SRO’s Facebook page for more great articles!

Photo courtesy of Joe Milliken


3 thoughts on “Live At The Agora, 1978

  1. I think we are spoiled to some degree today. But I will be honest with you I have not seen a live concert since the late 1990’s or the early 2000’s. It was a Chicago/Doobie Brothers gig. No flashing lights and not theatrics just good straight ahead good music. I doubt if the musicianship of The Cars on any recording be it a studio or concert could be beat by many groups in the same time period. The only crazy you got from the Cars during the 1980’s was their videos that was played on MTV. They had some really good and pretty out there vids. Of course I am almost Senior Citizen Level (62) so a lot of that is lost on me in the first place. I liked to hear the words and the music. And I saw some great concerts during my younger ages. Eagles, J.Geils Band, Marshall Tucker Band, Pablo Cruise, Dr, Hook and Bread among others. I remember one great concert that I got to see the late Great Harry Chapin. It was like setting in my living room, drinking a fine wine and hearing a great master songwriter and story teller do his thing!

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    1. I totally agree with you, Rusty! I love to hear the music played WELL at a concert without a bunch of distractions. I wish I could have seen The Cars live. I’m so thankful for the youtube videos that have preserved all of that history and allowed us to see them in concert. You mentioned Bread — I love them! I was just telling my daughter about the song “Diary” and what a sad story it tells. So much good music from back in the day. ❤


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